Video: 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2013: “Sonomama” mates punk rock chic with action movie bad ass

It’s been quite a breakout year for 3.1 Phillip Lim filled with big announcements and new launches. With Fall 2013 upon us the designer released a first look at “Sonomama”, presented here (see video below) in the form of a highly stylized film shot in Tokyo.

Lim alluded to the classic film “Grease” as an inspiration for the collection conjuring images of Sandy and Danny if they were transported to 2013. However, the video’s forward (and retro) frames of reference more likely pay homage to classics “Westside Story” with a dose “Bangkok Dangerous” or “City On Fire” (the inspiration for “Reservoir Dogs”). With its assortment of black leather, thigh high boots, colorful geometric patterns, hipster chic cuts and long coats the collection seemingly starts in Manhattan, makes a pit stop in Brooklyn and then promptly takes a time machine back to 1977 London at the height of punk rock cool.

Lim’s video produced by Eduard Grau

The inclusion of rockabilly gang Black Shadow, racers and Louis Simonon (son of Clash guitarist Paul Simonon) make these observations abundantly clear.

This has been a landmark year for 3.1 Phillip Lim as the brand inked a major deal with Target last May, catapulting them into to mass-market. The Target-branded collection called “Capsule” launches September 15 and will include coats, bags, shoes, jackets and dresses for both men and women.

Video of the Target Campaign:

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