Pineda Covalin’s Exotic Psychadelia FW2016


We’ve always loved Pineda Covalin’s unabashed explosions of colors. looking at a piece in one of designer Ricardo Covalin’s collection always evokes the same emotions one gets when admiring a Frida Kahlo painting. His FW16 campaign went even further by mashing up his classic latin inspired elements with 60’s psychedelic patterns and even a splash of the wild west! Our favorite piece in the show was a multi-colored peacock knee length dress that featured sexy black mesh bell-sleeves. The men’s designs were more low-key but also featured bold unexpected splashes of color-most notably a vest that was plain black on the front and a party of colors on the back, or a grey suit with a colorful pocket square and a matching strip going down the side of the legs. Our favorite accessories in this seasons collection were the paisley clutch-bags-which could easily be paired with any outfit in your wardrobe

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Besides working at one of the top fashion ad agencies in New York, Lianne is a Broadway musical junkie, taco connoisseur and hyper competitive trivia night star who's won third place twice now at Percy's Tavern in the East Village.

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