7 Resolutions and turning them into reality

7 Resolutions and turning them into reality

It’s the new year and here are 7 ways to be a new you and how to achieve them.

  1. Sell before you buy.  Looking to save some $money, try doing a consignment sale on your old items before going on a spree. Sell those items in your closet collecting dust.
  2. New gig, new you!  Managers are back and hiring season is on!  Tired of your old job and hoping for a new challenge?  Time to hop on LinkedIn, Monster, Velvet Jobs or Style Careers among others.  Actually, it’s a great time to update your resume (or re-do) whether or not your are looking.  Revamping will force you to reconsider your personal brand.
  3. Single in the city.    If you’re happily in a relationship, then consider yourself lucky and cherish what you have in hand.  As for the rest, get out of the funk from being single or the only single gal among your friends.  Resolve to go on at least one date a week.  It’s the city, you’re single.  At the very least you’ll make a new friend or grow your network.  If your hectic office schedule isn’t helping matters, try apps like OKCupid and Hinge along with popular destinations like eHarmony or… gasp!… Tinder!!!  For the career driven, relationships aren’t always easy, but meeting people is essential and good for you on so many levels.  For those who are fully committed, maybe it’s time to do do some creative date nights to keep things fresh.
  4. Personal training.  Forget losing weight.  How about getting healthier, running a marathon or doing Tough Mudder?  Challenge yourself.  If you can’t do it on your own get a personal trainer.  They will help you set goals, routines and targets.  If that’s too expensive, video workout programs like Insanity or P90X are great.  They require no equipment, have structure and you don’t have to do the entire set.  Focus in on specific routines such as core or yoga.
  5. Get your tongue going.   Linguistic skills go hand-in-hand with new adventures in travel, better career prospects and personal growth.  Rosetta Stone isn’t your only hope.  Try sites like LiveMocha, tour the plethora of famous ethnic neighborhoods in town, take a class or make new friends.  Oh and maybe you’ll meet a hot new someone to go with tip #3.
  6. Travel more and do it now.  There’s no better way to enrich you life than to travel.  What better time to start than now?  Do yourself a favor and request the vacation time now, then you won’t procrastinate to make plans. If you don’t have vacation time, at the very least hop on sites like Travel Zoo and find creative ways to staycation for what little time off you can muster between 14 hour days.
  7. Pick up the phone.  Be a better friend, get back out there, network and reconnect.  Don’t just text.  Make a phone call.  Better yet, make a call and set up a time to meet.  Facetime is not just an app!  It’s a real thing and it matters.m  We live in a world now that communicates via texts and tweets where real human connection can go a long way towards health and personal growth. It’s becoming a dying art! Good luck!

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