Belgian Soccer Fan Wins AND Loses L’Oreal Modeling Contract Thru Social Media

AXELLE DESPIEGELAEREThe now infamous viral shot that made a soccer fan famous.

What the internet giveth, the internet taketh away. Axelle Despiegelaere, who struck gold in the form of a L’Oreal modeling contract when her soccer celebration image (above) went viral, has since lost her contract. Talk about a “New York Minute”!

As it turns our, courting controversy on Facebook, in the form of animal hunting in Africa, didn’t play too well as, Despiegelaere’s pose (below) set off another viral round, only this time as social media outrage. While it’s hard to determine whether posing with a gun over the body of an innocent animal was the cause or the caption “ready to hunt Americans today” ed to her dismissal, she has lost her contract.

Axwell hunt

In a comment to The Independent, a L’Oreal spokesperson stated the model’s “contract has now been completed” with no further comment or analysis.

Easy come, easy go!

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