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Count your dot-com riches, break out your 90210 boxed-sets and party like its 1999! They’re back! From denim dungarees to acid wash. This is the season of resurrections. First it was Twinkies(coming July 15, 2013) and next it will be the Zombie Apocalypse.

ASOS, GoJane, YCMC, SheLikes, even Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and the Gap are carrying tie-dye, splatter dresses and 90s cuts. Of course, contours are key these days as most are rocking skinny styles, stretch, bodycon and other form-fits that weren’t quite as hot in the grunge to post-grunge inconoclastic, post-recession 90s. While some retailers are posting lower sales this week, its clear a slower economy isn’t affecting style the way it did back in the day. Where grunge was a clear Gen X reaction to a post-crisis world, today’s revival is pure throwback. In some reports, teens have taken the opportunity to pay homage to their parents.

While this is hardly breaking news, someone has yet to take these loose parts and create a true throwback collection. So far the ones rocking it hardest are Urban Outfitters (let’s face it they’ve always done the vintage cool thing), Gap and H&M.

Our favorite was the one rocking it loudest and proudest, UK’s online retailer SheLikes. In a recent statement their director added, “Our ’90s fashion collection is all about reliving the vibrant, full-of-energy days of the 1990s. We’ve got looks that are accessible to all palates, from our flirty and feminine pinafore dresses through to the attitudinal feisty army jackets.” Finally! A true “collection”. Now where is that Zack Morris brickphone? It was here a minute ago.

Here are a few favorites from SheLikes

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