Weekender: Citi Bike Date Night OR How to Citi Bike in a Stretch Mini Dress & Heels

Lianne Citibike X Pro II CROP
There’s nothing quite like dating in New York City, especially during the warmer Spring and Summer months. If you’re looking for a creative new date idea, break the mold and sign up for Citi Bike. Grab your date (and a couple of cute helmets), get out and experiencing the city in a whole new way!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely noticed Citi Bike docking stations located all around the most exciting parts of NYC. There are dozens of locations spanning from Brooklyn through Manhattan …with more and more locations popping up all the time. Citi Bike offers daily, weekly, and annual subscriptions. For an affordable fee, you and your hot date can be up, out and on a bike in no time! Here are some key points to remember when planning your Citi Bike date:

Ride Responsibly- with conveniently located docking stations all around the hottest spots in NYC, you and your date can meet up and ride to some of the coolest bars and hot-spots NYC has to offer. Just remember, not to drink and ride. If you plan on drinking-please take a cab home. The beauty of the Citi Bike is you don’t have to worry about it after you’ve docked it. Helmets are strongly encouraged, especially in a city as busy as NYC. One waitress we recently talked to told us her horror story of being thrown off her Citi Bike by a cab door opening. You and your date probably already decided you like each others heads at this point, so lets try to keep them in one piece! Trust us, you’ll have a lot more fun if you and your date aren’t fearing for your life while you ride, so it pays to be responsible when it comes to the proper accessories. Which brings me to my next point:

Ride Fashionably: Ladies, we all love our cute sundresses and sexy short skirts at this time of year (and I’m sure your date loves them too). However, some of these outfits may leave you feeling a little less than modest once you are straddling a bike seat, so try to plan ahead when you can. As pictured above, my first Citi Bike Date took place while I wore a stretch mini-dress. This can be done comfortably, but do invest in a pair of spandex bike shorts (easily stashed in your purse for when biking inspiration hits). Else, your risk sharing yourself with Manhattan in less than flattering ways. Spandex bike shorts are super thin and can be thrown on under any dress, which will keep you from a wide variety of embarrassing biking situations!

Also, remember to pack light. The bikes do have a convenient storage section in the front that will hold your reasonably-sized purse securely, and with a sturdy elastic strap in this section you can also stick a pair of heels in there to throw on once you’ve reached your destination. Just try to leave any extra baggage at home, as the storage space is limited.

Most importantly: Have fun! Whether you’ve been married for 15 years or on a first date, nothing brings out the best in you and your date than doing something that reminds you of your carefree childhood! You’ll also feel good about how much money you’re saving on cabs (while being kind to the environment..an extra bonus)! Not to mention you’ll also get a killer workout in the process..so you’ll actually feel sexier, and so will your date! The endorphins will be flowing by the time you reach your destination, wherever your Citi Bikes may take you!

Happy riding!

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