Daft Punk and Karlie Kloss in August Vogue – behind the scenes video

Are those the guys from Tron strutting with model Karlie Kloss up the eastside on 42nd St near Park? Did I get off at Grand Central or did I overshoot into a Daft Punk music video?

These are the questions passersby asked themselves as Daft Punk shot for American Vogue. As the Gothamist reported, no one was truly able to confirm the helmeted duo was in fact the real McCoy, but some hinted to the respected city bloggers that the height difference between the two acted as confirming evidence. As if!

What is certain is that this was a shoot for American Vogue, as the magazine confirmed. The spread is slated for the August issue. If anything, this is the perfect time to re-post Vogue’s behind the scenes video. It’s also an opportune time to post our next favorite track off the album not named “Get Lucky”, called “Lose yourself to dance” (also featuring Pharrell)

Lose yourself to dance:

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