Daily Rundown 5-24-13: Models fight for visas, Indy500 Fashion and Social Responsibility in Fashion

Daily Rundown 5-24-13: Models fight for visas, Indy500 Fashion and Social Responsibility in Fashion

The 1,100 deaths at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh have the Huffington Post (link here) offering further discussion about the need for responsible fashion production. Meanwhile, the WSJ chimes in about Spanish firms and their need to not only re-think, but use domestic fashion production to fight the 27% youth unemployment in the country.  Not to kick off the day with a downer, but this is a discussion worth keeping alive.  Socially responsible fashion has been hot topic at large firms like H&M and played a key part in the Parsons Runway show TBNYC reported on Wednesday.

Race cars aren’t normally a part of TBNYC reporting, but why not make them feel included?  See your favorite Indy500 drivers and their beaus strut the runway here for the Indy Family Foundation’s inaugural “Fashion in the Fast Lane

It’s literally models v. tech geeks in a fight to the bitter end.  Okay, it isn’t literally that kind of battle, but with the Immigration Debate looming in the US, the most unlikely of battles is occurring as models are made to compete with “skilled workers” such as engineers and computer scientists for highly coveted H1B work visas.  Since the next Giselle will likely come from Brazil or some similarly exotic locale the debate rages whether foreign models, more than 50% of whom often have no high school diploma, but do exude a huge economic impact and are uniquely qualified for their position, should be pitted against tech workers or have a separate category attached to them.  Didn’t think politics mattered so much to fashion?  Well the do, apparently!

Read more about this story here in BusinessWeek

Then again, why read when you can watch?  Here’s a Bloomberg report on it:

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