David Laport Gets Feathers Ruffled – Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The looks within the David Laport collection included elegant yet eccentric gowns that were created, with a culmination of fabrics ranging from beautiful royal blues to white and black prints.  The use of feathers in the over sized gowns was interesting and fairly on trend, as the 90’s has re-emerged.  The typical prom dress from the 90’s era was a very bright, over sized puffy gown which can be seen on actress Larisa Oleynik in the iconic teen movie 10 things I Hate About You.

David Laport designs are mesmerizing, keeping ones eye fixated and wanting more.  David Laport designs are very different and are extremely bold.  The use of varying fabrics and a daring take on the shape and silhouette of a women’s body, makes David Laport’s line memorable in all the right ways. David Laport clearly is a designer who is not afraid to take risks and wants the world to know his name.

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Kim Cler

Kim is a former Betsey Johnson and Cynthia Rowley intern, turned fashion writer. A dual resident of New York and Denver, Kim specializes in event promotion and has worked in New York's Garment District as a production manager . In her spare time Kim cooks,paints and likes to chillax with friends and family.

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