ICYMI: The Ellen Show Nails comedic response to Target’s Photoshop Fail

#ICYMI #TargetPhotoshopFail. In case you missed it, Target has been the target (pun intended!) of ridicule for redefining the bounds of bad photoshopping. Media and fashion alike have been abuzz about Photoshop abuses, but Target took things to new lows by altering and retouching an already attractive, slim, and most of all, proportional, model Tanya Marie Keller to the point she was other-wordly in a not-so-good-way. The words “extraterrestrial” or simply “not human” come to mind.

The video from The Ellen Show invited Keller to showcase the best possible comeback:

In case you missed the basis of the segment, here are screen captures from Target’s website… alien arms and pelvic region or a reinterpretation of “natural” – you decide:

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