Facebook is the winner in social influence on fashionistas says new research

Facebook is the winner in social influence on fashionistas says new research

“Since women account for more than 85 percent of all consumer purchases in the US, these two segments are valuable customers to own because of their buying power,” – Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, NetBaseIn the Web 3.0 age Facebook is far and away the key circle of social influence for fashionistas, with Twitter coming in a distant last place. This according to a study from social intelligence company NetBase.

In their latest report titled, “Social Channels of Influence in the Fashion Industry: A Consumer Study”, NetBase commissioned a survey of over 1000 women who are active on at least one social platform. The study found the clear winner were Facebook, followed by blogs, message boards, Pinterest and a dose of Instagram. Twitter offered very little influence among fashionistas.

The study looked at two major buyer types labeled “fashionistas” who made up a vast 28% of respondents followed by the much smaller “social shoppers” group. Fashionistas identified with the phrase, “Fashion and beauty are extremely important to me,” while social shoppers were more likely to be influenced by their friends in making retail purchasing decisions. The study found that 56% of fashionistas had at least one purchase in a product category ranging from cosmetics to clothing inspired by Facebook. In the case of social shoppers this number jumped to a whopping 72%. More revealing is that the vast majority of these buying groups were likely to be Facebook users.

Blogs played an equally pivotal role with 62% of fashionistas looking to the blogosphere to help guide their choices. Instagram played a solid role in the 18-29 category. Pinterest shared some broad appeal, but to little surprise, graphically-challenged Twitter showed little to no influence among these active buyer groups.

“This study contains many valuable insights for fashion brand marketers including the importance of listening to public Facebook conversations and brand pages, and identifying and engaging with high traffic blogs and message boards to influence the buying decisions of fashionistas and social shoppers,” added Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of NetBase.

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