Has Nordstrom struck Instagram Gold? Retailer’s strategy to reap big sales from social

http://www.trendboardnyc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Foter-Fashion.jpgHas Nordstrom struck Instagram Gold? Retailer’s strategy to reap big sales from social

No one has cracked the code to Instagram e-commerce. With the app rife with #OOTD (Outfit of the Day), shout outs to major fashion brands and social influencers creating new trends by the minute. Factor in that these IG accounts are often linked to Twitter and Facebook, there is a veritable treasure trove of untapped riches yet to be tapped… that is, until now.

Enter Nordstrom and their new tech partner Curalate, who together are rolling out their Like2Buy service which will allow retailers to take their Instagram accounts from “a beautiful feed of images, [into] a gorgeous gallery of products, available for purchase with just a tap.” As described on Curalate’s site, Like2Buy will provide a seamless and integrated experience causing no hiccups with added downloads or drastic changes to the IG interface.

Pictured below, retailers and brands alike will be able to aggregate their IG streams and funnel interested users to purchase items of interest without directly marketing or selling – monetizing social engagement and having a true measure of “eyes”, click-thrus and ROI (return on investment).

Curalate 2

Image via Curalate’s Tumblr page

With Instagram representing the clear-cut winner in social brand engagement, Nordstrom may be blazing a trail that many major retailers and brands will follow.

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