New app let’s users snap, search and buy


Fashion social search engine Chic Finder’s new app allows users to snap, find and connect to new styles in an innovative new mobile format.

“We want to bring the experience closer to the user. Using the app, users can now snap a picture of that stylish stranger, the celebrity in the magazine…or even the dress worn by a character in TV”, said Wang Gang, founder of Chic-Finder

“They just need to upload to get instant results. From there, they can explore through the selection and find an alternative to purchase on the spot,” said Wang Gang.

Users can either access photos from their photo library or take a new photo and upload the photo to the app, whereupon the interface will ask the user to focus in on the person or outfit of interest using a crop box.  Following the crop, a menu appears asking fashion-seekers what type of clothing they want the search compared against (such as skirts, dresses or swimwear) and results will appear.

Similar to apps like Instagram, the app also features opportunities to follow fellow users, explore new ideas posted by the community and connect to over 300 brands including heavyweight names such as Burberry, Prada and Jimmy Choo.

Putting the app through its paces, the interface appeared attractive, responsive and well laid out.  The app quickly uploaded outfits that included skirts, dresses and swimwear.  The search proved decently effective as the skirt search produced similar rock ‘n’ roll-inspired results, while dresses and swimwear produced results that were a bit too wide-ranged and off the mark in terms of style and color match.  It should be mentioned, the app produced results that were quite well priced, with brand information and ratings and reviews immediately accessible.  In 2 test cases, when items were added to the cart, sale prices or discounts were applied resulting in fantastic bargains with black maxi-dresses dropping from $30 to $12.

While the app still has a few minor glitches to work out, it is a unique new offering that should offer great potential for mobile shoppers.

Free to download, Chic-Finder is available at the App Store from 2nd January 2014 onwards.

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