Glam Slam: Nikki Rich Fall 2014 Collection Mixes SoHo Chic with Brooklyn Attitude

Rocker Richie Sambora and designer Nikki Lund are back with their label Nikki Rich’s recently unveiled Fall 2014 Collection.  Here’s an exclusive look.

“The clothes are feminine mixed with edginess; they look great on any woman. This collection exudes a form of style that is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” said Sambora describing the lavish prints and silkscreens paired with leather and vinyl looks.  “The Fall 2014 Nikki Rich Collection is particularly exciting for Nikki and I… I love how we’ve captured a romantic rock ’n’ roll toughness but have still remained ultra classy.”

Ready-to-wear style that breaks convention, the Nikki Rich Fall Collection is sleek enough for dinner in SoHo and edgy enough for late night drinks in Brooklyn.  The collection’s attitude comes from it’s pairings of layering, lace, and distressed leathers against intricate geometric patterns faux furs and asymmetrical hemlines.  “You’ll also see a lot of over-sized, boyish, cool looks like slouchy pants, masculine tailored blazers, oversized shirts, sneakers, just kind of that effortlessly cool look,” added Nikki Lund, who oversaw the collaboration.

The Fall Collection is without a doubt the strongest and best collection that Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora have produced.  The line is built around a “complete look” concept, head to toe, eschewing the focus on mixing and matching interchangeable pieces alone.  Lund and Sambora paid exceptional attention in developing, cultivating and designing a line featuring intricate detail within bold colors or sections, tapping into “the cool and effortless romantic rock n’ roll toughness” of the designers.

The run through is as follows:


The ombr’e Jacket:


The deep rawhide and black ombr’e jacket,  is a prime example of the feminine edginess Richie Sambora mentions, as well as the use of layering and distressed leather that Nikki Lund references. The ombr’e jacket is paired with a deep cobalt blue, sheer long sleeve sweater, worn underneath the ombr’e jacket which provides a great contrast. The contrast allows for the visual inclusion of the ultra shiny black leggings this combination allows the ombr’e finish to really stand out.

 Pretty in Purple:


The hot, wild and pretty in purple short outfit; begins with a full length black lace sleeve, leather bomber jacket.   The jacket is then rebelliously paired with a purple silk short, that is layered with sheer multi color flower stockings and styled with black semi-platform sneakers.


 The Unconventional Power Suit:


The Nikki Rich unconventional power suit, is perfect for any woman who has ever desired something more from a suit; something that is different, something that allows her to be effective, look the part but still have a personal identity [Finally! that suit has been created]. The Nikki Rich blazer is very diverse, as it takes on the hybrid feel of a vest within a blazer, combined with a powerful and feminine print and is featured with identical pants.


Carefree & Polished:


The royal blue and white patterned blouse is paired with a solid soft textured cappuccino hued loose constructed harem paint, styled with black booties. This outfit is perfect for running around or travel as it’s relaxed but very put together.


The Textured Look:


The long sleeve black faux fur jacket has just the right amount of plumage, as it is paired with a distressed leather legging and rugged earth toned ankle boots.

A pictorial of the collection:


The collection stays true to the eponymous classy rock n roll style the label is known for, yet each look has its own individualized style story. This Nikki Rich Fall 2014 Collection provides ones wardrobe with a new adventure as each look brings a different feel, perfect for the women who seeks to have a wardrobe that has the range and variety enabling her to truly change her looks up, while staying true to herself.

















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