A Fierce Spring is ahead for Nikki Rich

A line made of California dreams with inspirations from all over the world is launched this coming Spring from Nikki Rich. Designer’s/musician’s Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund’s apparel line is Rocker meets chic. The spring collection look book highlights crochet inspired pattern shorts, blazer, and dresses modeled by American’s Next Top Model Hannah Jones.

Nikki Rich is a newer line, one that isn’t to be slept on, with celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson adoring Nikki Rich pieces. It’s all in the details that are put into the garment that make Nikki Rich line one to crave. The crochet patterns are playfully bohemian and a individual segway into the Spring and Summer seasons. Nikki Rich hit the runway last March with positive feedback from WWD and LA Times, there so much in store for the brand this year beginning with the spring collection.

With fiery oranges, blues, and army green taking the lead for the color scheme, we spoke about what inspired the spring collection. Nikki discussed how “Richie sends me photos of the art and culture in other countries, that he knows would look great if made into a garment”.

Nikki brought up how sometimes when her and Richie are writing music they get into their design mind by the surroundings they are at while writing, she talked about how the Nikki Rich fashion lover is someone with style who enjoys well made pieces for a good price. A military jacket is a good piece to keep hanging around as it will always give any outfit a little edgeand that inspiration is apparent in the Spring line. Nikki Rich Clothing has successfully delivered a line that bridges the gap between contemporary-chic and high-end designer labels.

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