NYFW Ostwald Helgason Makes a Saturday splash

Exciting new London-based pair Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason presented their whimsical, exuberant collection at New York’s Fall/Winter fashion week.

The exciting duo came up with some ravishing designs in bright, bold colors. Asymmetrical handkerchief skirts featured prominently, the asymmetry of the cut contrasting nicely with the free-flowing material. Tops were often bold in color, with lapiz, red and orange featuring, and in design: a humorous apple-and-worm motif on some of the easy tops was great fun.

Meanwhile some feature pieces such as a metallic gold overcoat and a striped red and blue dress were both brave and bold. There were also some more sophisticated looks, including a clinched, bright orange coat over a linear skirt and a polo shirtdress with a twig motif, neither of which, however, lost the designer’s sense of fun mixed with intricate design.

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Oscar Lopez

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