Pictorial: H&M Holds Star-Studded “Conscious” Gala in Hollywood – Spring Collection Launch

While “responsible”, “socially conscious” and “sustainable” manufacturing and design models for clothing have been hotly touted for years, H&M has served notice as one of the few major fashion firms to bring “green” designs to market. Ahead of their April 10th Spring “Conscious Collection” launch, H&M held a star-studded gala event at Eveleigh in West Hollywood, CA.

Celebs in attendance included Amber Valetta, Kate Mara, China Chow, Emmy Rossum, Camilla Belle, Sophia Bush, Noomi Rapace, Pamela Love and Elettra Wiedemann along with over 100 VIPs,

The H&M “Conscious Collection” with it’s green tags and such innovative materials as vegetable tanned leather and organic silk. Taking the fashion industry a giant step forward H&M has made a commitment to fair wages, living standards, responsible water & chemical use, as well as fair working conditions and a passion for being climate smart.

In an age of outsourced production where the industry is still debating the ethics of basic human rights over cost-cutting, the “Conscious Collection” and it’s related marketing campaigns have demonstrated that affordable fashions are possible without turning away customer with dreaded “green premiums”. The “green premium” is the higher-costs associated with sustainable production which, while sounding attractive on the surface, usually deter buyers when presented with similar “non-sustainable” designs at slightly lower prices (often 10% or more cheaper).

In light of recent news such as factory collapses in Bangladesh this past year, or popular pushes for fair trade and sustainable production by notable organizations such as OxFam and the United Nations, H&M has made powerful in-roads both marketing sustainable fashions and featuring them front-and-center in their popular retail network – proving it’s easy to be colorful, fashionable, sexy and sustainable. H&M has both ridden the wave of enthusiasm while raising awareness pushing a long-overdue idea to market in a time when other major firms are sitting idle on their hands.

The “Conscious Collection” and its seven pillars certainly deserve a great deal of praise:

Provide fashion for conscious customers
Choose and reward responsible partners
Be ethical
Be climate smart
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Use natural resources responsibly
Strengthen communities

Hopefully the rest of the world will rush to catch on to this worthwhile consciousness.

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