See Nikki Rich’s new collection – military fashion trends with a rock star edge

“These jackets scream military-style chic!” said designer Nikki Lund, referring to some of the collection’s main piecesMilitary trends have been hot this year among top designers. Enter Nikki Rich, the fashion brainchild of designer Nikki Lund and rock music-icon Richie Sambora (of Bon Jovi fame), with their Fall 2013 collection that features military fashion aesthetics while adding a sexy modern edge.

Take our word for it or ask Marie Claire, Glamour, Daily MailFab Sugar and many more style experts.  Whether its camo or khaki, vintage peacoats or 18th century field jackets, this 2013 style trend has gained popularity because of its ease in mixing and matching with existing wardrobes.

“These jackets scream military-style chic!” said Lund, referring to some of the collection’s main pieces which are adorned with large buttons, collars, rich embroidery and other aesthetics from this popular trend.  These featured design elements (pictured below) also include sleek blacks, navy’s and khakis, sharp shoulder contours, as well as modified field and formal jackets with attention-getting short waist-cuts.

On some level, this should come as no surprise as the label was built around a high-fashion pedigree mingled with a rock music attitude.  Born in 2008, Nikki Rich was founded shortly after  Sambora saw Lund performing with her band in Los Angeles.  At Sambora’s urging, Lund adapted her self-designed stage attire into custom-designed outfits and a ready-to-wear line.  Since founding the label, Nikki Rich has launched four collections and created works for a celebrity list that includes Carrie Underwood, Nicole Sherzinger and Kate Beckinsale.

Designers such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Proenza Schouler and 3.1 Phillip Lim are among fashion elite who have referenced these styles in their current and upcoming collections.  Adding a dose of army style to skinny jeans, skirts, leather or heels adds attitude while giving a nod to generations of rock stars from Madonna to Gwen Stefani and Jimi Hendrix (and of course, Sambora himself) who have all donned this style.

The full fall collection also features a mix of sleek, body contour black and print dresses, colorful moto jackets, casual wear and classic grays and browns perfectly suited to the season.

Nikki Rich has been growing steadily over the past couple of years experiencing success abroad while this Fall they are set to debut with retailer Von Maur here in the US.   Lund was in great spirits over the announcement adding, “I am so proud of this collection, it has done so well for Nikki Rich… The future is bright!”

The label has obliged with a few photos from the collection which are posted below.  To find out more about Nikki Rich visit their site at  Find a direct link to the Fall runway show here.

From the Nikki Rich Fall Runway Show:

Frock coat in a waist-cutShort cut waist coat inspired by military-style frock coats.


“Officer’s dress coat” in a unique bronzed-toned khaki, featuring shoulder tabs and a modified lapel with brass buttons

Field jacket in black

Army fatigue-inspired draw string pants

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