Sherman Preston: NYC Designers Hold Launch Event for Menswear Brand – Pics & More Preston: NYC Designers Hold Launch Event for Menswear Brand – Pics & More

“The York Collection proves that there are circumstances when less is more.” – Sherman Joseph by Tear-n Tan and tbnyc staff

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Launch parties are the magic of which dreams are made. Signifying the first steps to making it big, launches embody that perfect moment where the artistry of design and the business of fashion come to fruition.  To that end, SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ, the brainchild of two upstart NYC designers (and childhood friends) Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams, has made its debut last week at their exclusive March 18th event held at Studio 4 in Chelsea. Photographer and correspondent extraordinaire, Tear-n Tan, was on-hand to report.

SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ unveiled the York Collection, a capsule that showcased sleek designs and fine tailoring for a fashion-forward take on today’s metropolitan man.  “Understanding that our consumer has an already well endowed closet, we wanted to introduce a capsule of distinct pieces which enriched their wardrobe,” added designer Preston Williams as they featured versatile pieces from their collection that would easily make their mark in a power meeting as much as they would a night on the town. Midtown meets Downtown.  Co-founder Sherman Joseph eloquently summed up, “The York Collection proves that there are circumstances when less is more. SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ’s  James and Alexander, outerwear pieces, serve as staple enhancements to the metropolitan man’s existing wardrobe.”

The designers & co-founders, Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams (SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ), offer a first look at their vision for the Metropolitan Man: 

The affair was relaxed, this in spite of the uber chic attendees that streamed in continuously throughout the evening. Mannequin displays and a handful of models centered a loft environment adorned with beautiful chaise and animal print rugs to go with the eclectic artwork on the walls. “Our intentions were to introduce the SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ lifestyle to press and media alike, incorporating elements from our friends at Angel Naula Furniture and Milagros Tequila. The outcome was a soirée which stimulated fashionable encounters and lasting relationships,” said Joseph adding that the York Collection “set the tone for what to expect from SHERMAИ|PRESTOИ; Contemporary design and smart tailoring.”

A look at the launch event… candide:

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