Spring Has Sprung and White Is Trending!

Spring has finally sprung for most of the United States and the trend we are loving right now is crisp spring whites. We’ve spotted this from the classic shirt dress on the runways to a sleek strip of porcelain white eyeliner. One of our favorites though is definitely the white eyeliner, it isn’t exactly for the meek and we’re all about being fierce. Make sure to get a liner that’s strong and opaque, not sheer and wimpy, and the best way to obtain this is with a liquid liner. Choose a formula that’s an all day waterproof so there isn’t smudging and doesn’t wear off.

Another of our favorite looks is a white shirtdress accented with gold accessories and amazing high heels. Speaking of crisp combinations lets go back to make up for a moment and talk about red lipstick. More specifically, red lipstick and white eyeshadow. Red lips are classic and very in, adding some white shadow just makes it feel lighter and a little more casual. But make sure to avoid the shimmer white eye shadows, unless that is you’re going for an ice skater or fairy look. Choose a matte formula that’s sheer and keep it away from your under eye area.

If we were to challenge you to think of a white lace dress what would come to mind? Perhaps a wedding dress? Well we aren’t going that route here, more so a nice, simple silhouette dress paired with casual sandals and accessories. It looks clean and cool, not bridal. Lastly, nothing is chicer than a clean, white manicure. Make sure to splurge for a gel manicure though otherwise it looks like you gave yourself a white-out manicure and you’re better than that ladies.
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