Twisted Liar To Debut in September

In his own words designer Nicklaus Jones describes his vision and the creation of the high end luxury brand Twisted Liar. The Twisted Liar concept is based on a group of vampires living in NYC; the inspiration story for the collection is as follows:

“They have ascended on the streets of Manhattan living in the alleys and back streets of your hood, sucking the energy and the vibe from the atmosphere. Their souls are learning our language and adapting only to conform to go unnoticed planning for their attack. She sits next to you at the coffee shop sipping her latte staining the rims with last night’s feast lingering on her tongue. one may think, these words are from your next novel find, but in reality they are the inspirations behind Twisted Liar Clothing.” -Twisted Liar

TL BeautyTL Plaid


Nicklaus Jones goes on to describe the Twisted Liar brand as “a collection that takes you on a journey from the office to the red carpet. An evolution of design that ranges from chic, sophisticated, rugged and edgy, that reminds you of the reason New York City thrives in fashion and style. Twisted Liar showcases designs for both male and female that are current and unforgettable. Twisted Liar allows me to design in a world without any boundaries or influences of other people’s perception or ideas. The designs may be funky, rugged and bold but these elements do not interfere with the timeless quality these garments possess. I wanted to create a brand that encompassed a journey about life. I found a muse in the dark world of make believe where there were no limitations, which is showcased in the brand motto [WHERE STYLE LIES]. The Twisted Liar Brand is about owning ones identity and personifying power and confidence”.-Nicklaus Jones





FLARE SKIRTTLDOT BLAZETrendBoardNYC agrees the bold and a show stopping garments within the Twisted Liar collection, command attention celebrating one’s self evolution and stylistic journey. Twisted Liar demonstrates versatility as the looks give the end user an idea of utilization, wearing the look in more than one way. The gorgeous flared peplum white and black polka dot blazer, with black silk lapels is styled with gold jewelry. The white and black polka dot blazer’s second take, is featured with a sexy white floral print flared skirt allowing one to adapt to the elements in transition from work to glam.

Pictured above, one must also take notice of the black and white deer print jump suit, with sheer chiffon sleeves that is accented with a red purse. Also seen above is a sleeveless red and black velvet gown, adorned with a bright yellow and black flannel patterned bottom. The bright yellow pattern draws the eyes attention and the red velvet is the absolute example of what Nicklaus Jones describes as “sophisticated, edgy limitless fashion”.  Twisted Liar is revolutionary with its concept of vampires adapting to the human world. The Twisted Liar creations are truly unique and are very much needed in the fashion world as mass market production is dominate; it’s refreshing to see a new brand like Twisted Liar, truly tap into sincere creativity, fantasy and genuine passion. Twisted Liar debuts its 2014 Fall Collection this September, to connect with Twisted Liar and Nicklaus Jones please visit:

INSTAGRAM @twistedliarclothing, TWITTER @heytwistedliar, FACEBOOK twisitedliar hashtag #bloodyfashtastic.

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