Video: Bohemia! Czech fashion designers exhibit for NYCxDesign

trendboardnyc visited the Czech Center for “Bohemia”, a fashion design exhibit held during NYCxDesign (

The exhibit was centered around Czech designers studying fashion in New York, with the showcased pieces based on the theme of Czech folklore.  Fashion designers used inspiration from ancient Czech tales and incorporated them into ultra-modern high fashion designs.  This brief video showcases some of the works on display along with select interviews with two of the designers.



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George Worrell

George Worrell is a style guru and industry veteran with 10 years experience under his very uniquely designed belt. He is a reoccurring Style Contributor for CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, NBC Nonstop and Martha Stewart Living XM regionally and nationally. George has also hosted Inside Style’s ‘blogtalkradio’ show and was featured in Modern Luxury Magazine (DC) ‘People you should know’.

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