Yahoo rocks the Tumblr world with $1.1 bil buyout rocks the Tumblr world with $1.1 bil buyout

The rumors have now turned to fact as Yahoo! has continued its strategic repositioning with a $1.1 billion buyout of Tumlbr, the top microblogging and social networking site. Given its popularity among fashion professionals, bloggers, photographers, models and more the effects of this buyout have users eager to know what’s on the horizon.

While Yahoo has “vowed not to screw this up” as quoted by numerous Associated Press sources, Mashable has already reported that Yahoo! will introduce features that will place advertising on user pages, but only through voluntary opt-in. How many other changes remain as Yahoo! incorporates tumblr into its broader strategy remain unknown, but Yahoo!’s heralded CEO Marissa Meyer has a solid track record in creating clean user experiences from her days at Google. Industry-watchers will have a key eye on this, Yahoo’s largest transaction, as it looks to become more “hip” as it looks to re-brand and solidify its position after missteps over the past few years.

Given Tumblr’s popularity among the social adept fashion set there will be pause for concern, but if AOL’s acquisitions of internet properties are any indication the user experience should remain largely the same. In fact, most sources have quoted Tumblr’s CEO as stating that tumblr’s color scheme would not be usurped by Yahoo purple. Bold words, now whether or not they remain true is another story altogether.

The deal has created another young billionaire in Tumblr CEO David Karp who posted on the Tumblr blog about the deal today.

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